pos reseller program

POS Reseller Program

Zero Investment , High Profit Business Opportunity

Smart POS Software Reseller Program
point of sale software reseller

Discover greater value for your customers and form rewarding relationships

Expand your opportunities! The POS Reseller Program is the right ally for those who work with business marketing, software resellers or any other form of contact with businesses and want to increase their income and gain more customers.

Become a Partner

More Business

No exclusive premises, your existing premises will do. No additional infrastructure, your existing infrastructure would be sufficient. No additional manpower, your existing team can handle it. We will add to your revenue, not to your cost.

Pricing Freedom

While other programs may talk about commission rates, ours stands out from the crowd. Here you can set your own pricing. That's right, you pick and choose how much money you make off each product. It feels good to have that power, right?

Expanding Product Line

We constantly release new products to help you provide more value to your clients.

Leverage Value Migration

Move away from selling clunky tools and stay ahead of the game with best products that are ready to go, easy to deploy, have rich UI, and offer great value to any kind of business.


If you have questions about the POS Reseller Partner Program, please drop us a line at [email protected]

POS Software Reseller Program


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